Kickstart Your Body Confidence – No diet in sight!

Do you have the best of intentions but struggle to commit to your self-care and healthy habits when your tired, busy or stressed out with the kids?

You’re fed up of having a few good days then everything going to shit. You want to lose some weight but commit to taking care of yourself and feel happy in the process.

This program gives you a month with me as your coach to guide you to help you get on track with your health & wellbeing and most importantly your happiness!

Clients tell me they feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, they have clarity and feel confident moving forwards with their clear personalised action plan. This is designed together with you at the heart that takes the pressure off, sets realistic steps and allows you to regain control.

Feel at ease knowing you have further support as you begin to implement them into your daily life at a pace that we will find that works for you.

How does it work?

First, we have a good old chat, there’s nothing I haven’t heard before and I have your back so share what feels good to you.

✅ Call:

Initial 1 hour Kickstarter call.

With clarity comes the confidence which is the starting point of everything. Let’s learn more about your challenges and what is contributing to your lack of confidence, what is keeping you stuck or holding you back.

We’ll finish the call with your personalised action steps.

✅ Set Up for Success Workbook

I’ve especially created a brand new workbook for this program. This will support and guide you in implementing your next steps. With a process that can be used every week to keep you on track. I share some of my favourite coaching tools and I can’t wait for you to discover them.

✅ Email:

You will, of course, have email access to me for any further questions or support throughout the month. I’m always happy to help and love to hear from you.

✅ Follow up call:

Let’s round it all up with a follow-up call 3-4 weeks later to check-in and hear about your outcomes, what has worked and what hasn’t. From there we can see which next steps are best for you.

Book your place here and let’s get started!

£99 (for a limited period)

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