Fuck this shit & Journal

What is it all about?

To sum it up in one word – CLARITY

Something we are all struggling to retain right now.

The uncertainty that 2020 keeps bringing it’s not your fault for feeling overwhelmed, lacking focus, mood swings and emotions

Our brains are frankly battered and the increased use of our fight/flight systems to get through the day coupled with higher levels of cortisol in systems.

I’m inviting you to learn a self-coaching tool I use most days to manage my mental and emotional wellbeing.

Journaling is also an empowering process that can be uplifting even after the most wobbly of days.

It builds self-awareness which can support you in catching those downward spirals much quicker and deciding what it is you need next.

Your wellbeing is more important than ever!

Join me for an hour of you time:

  • 1-hour Zoom workshop
  • Workbook with format & extra prompts
  • Put pen to paper during the workshop
    Coaching support
  • Relaxed, friendly, safe space.

Tuesday 17th November @ 7.45pm £22 


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